My Presentation to the Chicagoland Activity Professionals Association

On Wednesday, September 28th, along with other entertainers and educators, I had the opportunity to make a “Go Figure” presentation to members of the Chicagoland Activity Professionals Association.


These professionals work diligently in providing opportunities for residents of senior living communities to enjoy programs that are typically about one hour in length. This is a sector that, to my delight, has embraced the notion of “making numbers count” over the past few months.

As a warm-up exercise before providing an overview of the types of topics that I cover in “Go Figure,” three individuals provided dates (all from the 1900s) of their choosing so that I could demonstrate my math abilities with a rapid reply–less than five seconds. Two of those three dates are captured on this clip (below), shot by Janette Spenny, Community Life Manager at Victory Centre in Melrose Park.


As I wrapped up my remarks, I was pleased when an audience member asked me to explain the math behind the day-of-the-week formula. I shared it as simply as possible–it’s really not that complex–and was amused by some whose murmurs indicated that they were not about to go home and implement those steps…at least not yet!

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